Friday, September 19, 2014

I just don't get it

     Around the age of 40 I came to accept the fact that there are some things in and of this world that I will never understand. I will never understand how a fellow human being could ever hurt a defenseless child or small animal on purpose. I will never understand the way some things work no matter how many times it is explained to me. I will never understand why my body craves bacon on a daily basis. There are just some things that my simple brain cannot assimilate.
     I was listening to the radio on my way home from dropping my children off at school this morning and they were talking about the new Iphone 6 . They were discussing the lines of people who have apparently been camped out in the front of stores for up to 24 hours . Seriously? IT'S a phone. It's not a free house line for the homeless. It's not a free food line for the hungry. IT'S a phone. So I guess mark this up as yet one more thing I will never understand. I just don't get how otherwise intelligent, rational adults get so stupid over a PHONE.
     I saw an ad for said phone a couple of days ago. Normally I would pay no attention to an Iphone ad because I have never had an Iphone. What gave me pause was the word "sexy" in the ad. Sexy? A phone is sexy? Anybody who describes their phone as "sexy" needs to get out more. People are sexy. Phones? Not so much. Sleek maybe. Sexy? No.The ad also described the phone as slimmer. Ok, but does that really matter all that much? Any responsible Iphone owner is going to buy a protective case to shield it from scratches, chips, and breakage, right? Unless the protective case manufacturers make a slimmer case, it's still going to look like you have a rectangular tumor growing from your butt in that nice tight pair of jeans you just bought.
     Maybe, just maybe, I can understand the excitement if this is someone's first Iphone. I doubt that is the case for but a few. If I were  a betting woman, and I am not, I would bet my house that a great percentage of these line dwellers are upgrading from the Iphone 5. So, you have a phone that works just fine and you're willing to stand in line, outside, in a hoard of people for a newer version of what you have been satisfied with? I guess that's assuming that they were satisfied with it. If they weren't then it makes even less sense to me.If you aren't satisfied with 5, what makes you think you will like 6?
     I just hope these people don't lead the rest of their lives this way because here is what that would look like : Man sees woman. She is the most beautiful creature he has ever laid eyes on. He instantly falls in love with her. He immediately makes her his own. He holds her with tenderness as if she is fragile. He spends many of his waking hours with her day after day . He tends to her every need. He protects her as if she is his most precious gift.He loves everything about her and has never been so happy and content. She fulfills his needs and more. For two years , he is completely satisfied and has eyes for no other. Man comes home and announces that he is leaving woman. Yes, she is skinny, but there is a new woman, and she is skinnier. Yes she is attractive, but this new woman is sexy. Yes, she can cook, bake, clean, and love him well, but this new woman can do it quicker. No, there isn't anything wrong with her, it's just that the new woman is , well, newer.
     I just don't get it.