Saturday, October 1, 2011


     It has been a week since Mom had a massive heart attack and I have spent a great deal of time focused on the negative side of it all. Its hard not to when I have been there day after day to see it all. BUT, I have also spent a great deal of time thinking about the things that I can be thankful for , and there are plenty.
     I am thankful that when mom started to feel bad she stopped what she was doing and went inside. Had she waited she may have not made it back to the house. I am thankful that she called my brother when she realized that there was something horribly wrong. Had she waited , she may not have been able to make it to the phone. I am thankful that he was just 2 minutes away and was able to get to her quickly because she may not have called 911 on her own. I am thankful that he decided to call for an ambulance instead of trying to get her to the hospital on his own. Had he done that she most likely would not have made it there alive. I am thankful that the technology is available for the EMTs to hook her up en route and her vitals be read electronically by the nearest hospital and that they could tell she was having a heart attack and was re routed to Forsyth. Had that not been the case precious life saving time would have been lost.
     I am thankful that upon her arrival they wasted no time in doing what had to be done to save her life. I am thankful that when her heart started leaking blood later that night and she coded that her nurse was a 24 year veteran and knew what she was doing. I am thankful that God didn't take her that night and gave her back to us.
     I am thankful that I have the job that I have and have been able to be at the hospital everyday for the last week . I am thankful that I have the kind of friends that when they say" let me know if there is anything I can do " , they actually mean it. I have had to take a few of them up on that this week. I am thankful for friends that pray and have lifted us up in prayer day after day. I am thankful that my brother has been able to be with me day after day and has been able to spend more time at the hospital than I have.I am thankful for a husband who hasn't complained about how much time I haven't been home or the fact that he didn't have clean socks on Friday.I am thankful for a husband who when I had my first breakdown Thursday morning was ready to take the rest of the day off and be with me.I am thankful for a husband that just looks at me and knows that I need to be held.
     I am thankful for my faith in God because without it I would have been lost this week. I am thankful for his word that I have been able to turn to over and over to comfort me. I am thankful for his promises that I rely on time after time.
     I am thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with not only my mom but my brother this week. Usually we don't all 3 spend time together. I am thankful for the conversations that I have been able to have with my mom. I am thankful that if something does happen and she is taken away that she knows how much I love her.
     I am thankful for the amazing nurses who tirelessly work 12 hour shifts and attend to mom's every need. I am thankful for Dr. Hoyle who day after day methodically creates a plan to get us to the next one. I am thankful that he involves me and my brother in the decision making progress and patiently answers any and every question we have .
     I am thankful, I am blessed, and I am tired. I am taking a day off from the hospital tomorrow for some much needed rest and time with my man and kids. Yes, I am thankful for that too.