Friday, September 27, 2013

Your tax dollars at work

     Eric goes to the VA for his healthcare.  He earned it and he uses it. Several months ago, he made an appointment to have some pain in his side checked out. He made this appointment because I pitched a fit. He had just told me that he has had this pain for almost six years now and it was becoming more frequent. So here is how this goes.
     Appointment one : Eric drives to Winston for a consultation with his doctor . After discussion, she orders a CT scan.
     Appointment two : Eric drives to Salisbury for his CT scan.
     Appointment three : Eric drives back to Winston ( I guess a phone call would not suffice ) To discuss with his doctor the results of his CT scan. Scan shows gall stones . She refers him to gastroenterologist.
     Appointment four : Eric drives to Salisbury for consultation with gastroenterologist who doesn't even mention found gall stones but instead is concerned with fatty deposits on his liver. He orders a liver biopsy. He also orders a stupid amount of blood work.
     Appointment five : Eric drives to Winston for blood work
     Appointment six : Eric drives to Winston for an appointment that they set up. He didn't know why he was even going. He arrives to have the doctor come in and say " I really don't know why you are here. Your blood work is fine. By the way, I cancelled your liver biopsy. That was crazy. That is a last resort kind of thing . If you have any more problems, let me know." ( again, phone call would not suffice)
     America, you are paying for this. Not only are you paying for his medical care, you are paying his mileage back and forth. I don't share this so you can be outraged at the amount of your tax dollars being spent on our veterans. Every single one of them earned this care . I share because Obamacare is getting ready to hit store shelves near you. This is your government at work people.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not just another trip to the store

     A little while ago I made a trip to the grocery store for toilet paper and dog food. As I approached the cashier , her and another store associate were talking about how much they do at home. Of course I joined in providing a comment. For the record, we weren't husband bashing. I don't do that. It was more about how much we do and how much the others in our household don't realize how much we do.
     It was a gentle reminder to me at how blessed I really am. In general I know this all the time but sometimes God uses situations around me to kick it into my heart.My husband works upwards of 50 plus hours a week. He works hard and comes home dirty. We have two children and I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home wife and mommy since their birth.It hasn't always been easy and not without sacrifice.I have found ways to contribute financially throughout the years but Eric is the breadwinner so to speak.He brings home the bacon and I fry it up in a pan.Not only that, but most everything else too.
     For as long as I can remember there has been a kind of unspoken rule between him and I.As long as it is possible he will work outside of the home and I will do everything else. I work hard. Sometimes at the end of the day I am dirty too. I match his work hours. I just get paid differently.Just as his job can be demanding, tiring, and overwhelming at times, mine is as well. Let me be clear, this isn't something that he expects, it is what I have chosen to do in appreciation and love for what he does.
     As our children get older, they will pick up more responsibility and my work load will ease some. Until then I thank God for allowing me to be the stay at home wife and mommy that I know I was meant to be. Recently my husband let me know that he realizes and appreciates how hard I work.He thanked me for taking care of him and our children. I don't do what I do specifically for moments such as that but when they happen , that is my paycheck and it's worth more than I could earn anywhere else.